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I know this makes the third post about writing software, but I'm hoping this will be a new slant to it. You guys really talked up Scrivener so I went to look at it. But Scrivener is only for Mac, at least, that's what I saw. Can anyone recomend a similar program for Windows? Or point out where I could find Scrivener for Windows?


Jul. 14th, 2010 06:40 pm
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Forking off from the writing software post:

I am a Scrivener junkie. I love it to pieces and cannot write without it. I'm not even sure I'm getting everything out of it I could get out of it, it's that versatile.

My main issue right now is, I'm writing a series. I'm contemplating whether it's better to have the whole ding-dang thing in Scrivener, or break it into separate files. Those of you who use it, do you have a preference? Can a Scrivener file get TOO big?
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If anybody has any experience with either writing package Scrivner or Story Mill, I would dearly love to hear your comments on their usefulness, ease of use or any other thoughts you might have.  Or, if you have any input on other writing packages, that would be lovely as well.
Also, do any of you publish your own works as eBooks?  Any thoughts on Smashwords or similar sites?
Obviously I'm floundering here...


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