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Hello! There is still a lot I need to learn about fiction-writing, so I've come to you with a question.

What should the starting point be in a novel? Writers always say to start the story at the point where something important happens. Does this mean that the starting point should be the inciting incident?

There are other writers who suggest starting with the second major plot point. What is the second major plot point of a story? For example, in a romance. ETA: using the three-act structure as a guideline, the first turning point (signalling the end of act 1) is the point where there is a personal stake for the main character, it is the point where the outcome of the problem matters to the main character. Would this be the second major plot point? And is it advisable to start a romance story this way?

Also, would the starting point in a romance be very different from the starting point in a slice-of-life story? ETA: I mean, if the romance story doesn't start with the two main characters meeting.

The starting point in a mystery novel, or fantasy is pretty obvious. It's the romance story or a simple character piece that really confuse me.
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I found myself plotting a manor mystery yesterday, and continued it today, and I am having just so much fun.

How do you feel about writing genre fiction, especially fiction in a very specific niche like the manor mystery or gothic romance? When you have a narrowed-down genre, do you want to keep within the tropes of it, or mix it with another genre, or subvert those tropes? Or do you prefer not to think about genre at all?

Since manor mysteries are all about messing with your expectations (as long as it doesn't ruin the brain teaser) I expect this will be the most genre-loyal of any of my subgenre-specific stories. If it was a sword & sorcery story, I would not be able to resist making the lone barbarian warrior into the villain.

Help meh

May. 8th, 2009 02:53 pm
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Hi, bbs, me again. Sorry to be such a bother, but I've been feeling depressed lately.

You see, there's this story I'm working on.
I already have the characters fleshed out, I already know how'd they act in certain situations, what they'd say, what are their problems, etc. They're all pretty clear in my mind. However, what's pulling me down is the plot. I just can't seem to plan it. I have a pretty faint idea, but that's all. It's like the plot won't come to me and it's making me depressed, because I really like the idea.

So, I was wondering, since all of you are aspiring writers here, if you could give me some advice on the problem.
What should I, or should not, do? Where should I start, etc. Really, any advice you have is helpful.
Thanks in advance.


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