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Jul. 20th, 2017 02:14 pm
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We made it safely home yesterday, to be welcomed by oppressive and (to me at least) debilitating heat. Of course I'm also tired because of a short night last night, so I can't blame all of my tiredness on the heat. Our flight wasn't until 1 pm (and didn't actually take off until 2 pm) so we didn't arrive in DC until about 9:30 pm. The flight was uneventful apart from the guy in the aisle seat next to me, who kept his elbow fairly aggressively on the arm rest for much of the flight and also glared at us when we got up to go to the bathroom. (If you're sitting in the aisle seat you can expect to have people asking to get past you to go to the bathroom. I like aisle seats and I consider having to stand up to let people out to be part of the cost of doing business. One of the reasons I like aisle seats is because I tend to need to go to the bathroom more than many younger people.) I think he was also annoyed that I moved into the empty seat beside him so I could sit with S (where he had already put his computer before I moved), but as he did not tell us he had booked and paid for that seat, I had as much right to it as he did. (Because we didn't book at the same time S and I had window seats one in front of the other, but although the middle seat beside S wasn't available when I booked it was empty on the flight so I was able to move into it.)

After we landed there was a long delay while we waited for our checked bag to come through. I'm puzzled as to why it took so long as there weren't that many people waiting for bags (because so many people just take huge carry on bags?), but eventually it arrived. Not being fans of paying to do laundry (because it's free at home) we both took enough clothes with us to get through two weeks without wearing dirty clothes for too long. Therefore when we packed to come home, the bottom half of our shared suitcase was stuffed full of dirty clothes, including underwear. When we opened the bag there was a little note from TSA on top of the dirty clothes saying our bag had been randomly chosen for inspection. I hope they enjoyed looking through all our dirty laundry.

As we didn't get home until about 11:30 pm it was of course dark and I couldn't see the state of the yard. However, this morning I discovered that the protective black mesh around a couple of my fledgling trees had been either dislodged or in one case completely removed, I suppose blown off during a thunderstorm, and the leaves of the little trees had been fairly thoroughly eaten. I think there are enough leaves left that the trees will be fine, and today I've done repairs to discourage any further browsing by deer, but I was very sad to see what had happened.

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Jul. 20th, 2017 11:24 am
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Belatedly, Maple Syrup Rebellion is up!

Still selling fiction! Don't forget you can get bonus stories from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer if you buy stories from me!


Jul. 19th, 2017 09:37 am
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"Impostors" are what the cookbook I pulled the recipe out of called them. I guess it's because they look like chocolate bars until you cut into the pan and discover the peanut buttery deliciousness underneath. I started making them in high school, when I needed a dessert to take to forensics potlucks and such. I've not made them in ages, though.

Last week I was going through the recipe box taking photos of the ones I wanted to save, and the impostors recipe was one of those. I transcribed it from the photo on the plane out here. And then in the grocery store I saw the boxes of Baker's chocolate and remembered that Erin, who doesn't normally like sweet things, likes Reeses's cups, and said "Hey, I could make impostors!"

The nice thing about this recipe is that it is basically impossible to screw up sugar, butter, and peanut butter. It's possible to ruin the chocolate, either by scorching it or apparently by allowing even a single drop of water to come in contact with it, but taking it slowly reduces the likelihood of that as well.

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Jul. 19th, 2017 12:00 am
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Reminder: Weekly #otherkin chat starting now, in irc://irc.mibbit.net/dreamhart! Webclient here: http://dreamhart.org/chat/

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Jul. 18th, 2017 01:25 pm
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Yesterday was another day when I was extremely tired, which was unfortunate as we ended up having to babysit William all day. We had expected to have a quieter day at our motel with some meal prep over at the apartment in the afternoon, with the daughter and son in law back at work and William in daycare, but daughter rang us at about 7:30 am to say William was running a slight temperature and it would be better if he didn't go to daycare, so would we be able to spend the day with him? So we arrived over here at 9 am to take over.

William was clingy with his father when he tried to leave for work, but settled down after a few minutes and then seemed fine all day, although a bit quieter and less active than usual. During his nap he woke up crying a couple of times (as he had the day before as well) but went back to sleep fairly easily. When he woke up for the final time he was perfectly happy.

We thought he might be back at daycare today, but no, he had had a slightly unsettled night and was still running a temperature during the night, so he is home with us again today. However, his temperature was down this morning and he was barely clingy at all when his father left for work. We took him out to walk around the apartment complex and then to a small nearby park, and he was very active and happy, much improved over yesterday. I didn't go out with them yesterday but S said he was happy to sit quietly on her knee at the park for much of their time there yesterday whereas today he was investigating everything and climbing on everything climable. His day was made when a woman walking a couple of dogs came into the park. William absolutely loves dogs! And these were quite docile and strokable, although when they moved towards William he got a bit nervous (which is a good thing). Yesterday when S put him down for his nap he cried briefly before falling asleep, but today there was no crying, just sleep.

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Jul. 18th, 2017 11:00 am
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Jul. 16th, 2017 07:54 pm
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I was exhausted yesterday after our two busy days, but yesterday was also quite busy. In the morning we came over to daughter's at about 8:30 am because we were going berry picking at a nearby pick your own place. It was pretty hot at the farm with not much shade, but after I'd picked a couple of punnets I retired to the shade of the small tent over a minimal picnic area at the check in to watch the passing parade while everyone else kept picking for a while.

While William had his nap his parents went out for lunch and a movie, leaving us in charge for the afternoon. William slept for about three hours after his exciting morning. When he woke up we fed and entertained him for a while. After a while he went outside onto the balcony where his pool floater thing is kept and dragged it inside and over to the front door, obviously telling us he wanted to go to the pool. Luckily S had brought her bathers, so she and William got ready to swim and we all went out to the pool. However, when we tried to put William into the float he clung on to S, so she just held him in her arms for the whole time we were there.

I was so tired during the afternoon that I had a real struggle to stay awake while William was sleeping, but I perked up a bit later in the afternoon. Last night I slept very soundly in spite of being briefly woken up by people talking very loudly outside our room at around 2:30 am and again at 4:30 am, and although it's just as brutally hot today (close to 100F both days) I feel somewhat more energetic than yesterday.

This morning we got ourselves together and went for a walk at 6 am as breakfast isn't until 7 am on weekends. It was pleasantly cool when we set out but by the time we got back around 7 we could feel that it was starting to warm up. After breakfast we lazed around in our room for a while as we didn't have definite plans with the family. They had talked about taking us to San Francisco zoo, but as we had been berry picking yesterday I think they decided today should be quieter. We eventually set out to catch the bus over to their place about 9 am, but we didn't get there until after 10 as the bus we thought we were going to catch completely failed to arrive. Luckily the buses run every 20 minutes even on Sundays, so we didn't have to wait too horribly long.

We didn't do anything much apart from play with William before lunch. While he was napping after lunch his mother went out grocery shopping while we babysat the sleeping toddler, then when she came back she decided we should all go to a nearby shopping centre to get William a haircut and spend some time going in and out of air conditioned shops (as their apartment isn't airconditioned). William hated the haircutting experience (clippers are scary to a 15 month old) but he recovered with some icecream afterwards.

I've been used to enclosed shopping malls for so long that I really dislike the trend of demolishing them and putting in "town centre" style shopping areas instead. Going in and out of airconditioned shops sounds all very well, but the shops don't usually turn out to be very cool what with people going in and out all the time, you have to go out into the heat to go between shops, and unless the parking is shaded by trees your car is most likely out in the hot sun while you're there. (Ours was today.) So really our expedition today wasn't exactly cooling, although it was a diversion from being in the apartment.

Just as we walked in the door at 5:30 pm my daughter Skyped me from Perth. Unfortunately we and she both had noisy babies on hand so it was hard to hear each other, but it's always good to see River (and my daughter) on Skype. River is now starting to stand, and is a very mobile crawler. It's fun to see William and River notice each other on Skype. (This is the second time she's called while we've been at the apartment.)

Now we're back in our airconditioned room. Actually returning to our room at the end of the day is always an adventure because we never know what temperature it's going to be. We try to set the a/c to run at a moderate temperature while we're gone, but every day when we come back it's at a different temperature. One day it was 23C (75F) and another day it was only 15C (60F), while other days it's been around either 17C or 19C. It's obviously an old system and doesn't have a thermostat - we have to set it by turning dials - but my alarm clock has a thermometer so we always know what the temperature is.

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Jul. 16th, 2017 09:11 pm
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I am doing divination the next two days over [personal profile] alexeigynaix way. First card-equivalent is free, money-wise, though I do ask every querent to say something kind or encouraging to someone else by way of payment.

Other than that, don't expect to see much of me online until Tuesday.


[personal profile] balsamandash is doing a one-card draw, too.

On Memo and Guillermo del Toro

Jul. 16th, 2017 10:01 am
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So because of the Memory Lane trip Guillermo del Toro sent me on, I tried to look up Memo and see if he ended up marrying Andrea, or if they got engaged.

(Memo was always on a deadline to get married by the time he was twenty-eight, so I wanted to see if he was 'on schedule.')

I didn't see anything definitive. I hope they did, but on the other hand, I have a feeling if he got married he would blast wedding photos all over his FaceBook page and it would be in his status and in fact I probably would have somehow heard it even though there's literally no one we have mutual contact with anymore.

I might have to message him about this Guillermo del Toro thing. I don't think that would offend his sensibilities, lol. It's been a long time, but we never technically ended on bad terms. I just was honest and said hey, I don't think I can be friends with you right now.

Mostly Good

Jul. 16th, 2017 12:07 am
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Today was mostly good. Slept in late, went to work, and work was pretty good because I've been using listening/communicating techniques to have better conversations with customers.

Typically, I'm very introverted and I'd much sooner sit in my room all day reading, writing, sketching than interacting with people. I'm trying to force myself to expand, but then, I've tried for years. I want to make connections with people, and I'm not good at it. And you really see that when I am dealing with customers because unless there is a mutual interest to engage in (e.g. A customer wearing a "Hey Arnold!" shirt) there's no communication, or it's really one-way (with me being the speaker. In this case, they've triggered an obsessive-interest topic, in which I start talking like an encyclopedia.)

It's not 100%. I'm trying to practice skills I'm reading about, but there are still some customers I really struggle to engage with, or I struggle because I'm stuck in my thoughts and can't seem to get out (being present is an issue I have a hard time with.)

But today a customer came through using EBT and they were wearing a lot of fancy clothes and accessories. I didn't notice, because I don't tend to care about that stuff.

The customer after them comes up and complains about people on food stamps spending money on designer clothes.

So, instead of arguing or refuting their point:

"I get that. It seems insensible to spend extra money on fancy things. I can see more than one side to it, though, because I've read studies that show prospective employers favor employees that are dressed in higher-end clothes, and if they notice they are driving nicer cars."

And this customer was like, "Hmm, you know, you're right!" Turned out she was a recruiter so she actually knew of and employed this type of knowledge in her line of work. And we started having this really fascinating conversation about her work. It was completely fascinating!


Maybe someday I can do that with MOST of my customers!

I mean, I would rather work as a nurse or a counselor or social worker. Something where I'm helping people. But the same applies there. I want to learn how to connect with people better. I like watching people really into a topic. I like seeing people happy. It was nice to have triggered (positively) another person into a really engaging conversation in which they were an equal or even primary participant.

I don't know how much or how fast I can learn this stuff, but I can see it doing me good. It can also help me with being present. I really struggle with daydreaming or getting stuck in my thoughts. It's not that I don't care about people. It's just like... No matter how I try, I'll get stuck in something.

I did try to busy-body into another co-worker's business, though. I realized I was going to do that and was going to try to back out, but then she was off the clock.

See, this employee is an ~18 year old who is planning on leaving this store to work at a clothes retailer, because she wants to make more money. So I told her I wouldn't do that and she asked if I really hated working clothes store retailers.

So I explained that the reason I was saying that was because:

1. Clothes retailers, bookstores, department stores, etc. tend to give hours much more seasonally. If you're getting paid 11/hour but making 40-48 hours a week, you'll make more money than 13/hour but 4-40 hours a week pending on the time of year. You get much more regular hours in grocers, so you end up making more money.

2. Union grocery stores promote from within, fast, and you learn more specialized tasks much faster, so you're likely to get more experience than just 'cashier' which will look better on a resume.

Then I said I wasn't saying specifically to stay at the grocery store, just that, if I had done things over from high school, I would have avoided retail altogether in favor of trying to develop vocational skills through ROP and other resources, and if I ended up in retail, I'd have preferred a grocery store.

Turns out, she's already done ROP courses, but she can't find a job relating to her ROP course. But her main reason is because it pays more hourly and it's the job all her friends work at.

I was going to tell her she should do it if she really thinks it will make her happy, but she also might want to look into other vocational studies where she'd be making more than that job and/or getting similarly relevant work experience.

But it got busy, so she went away.

I sort of hope she thinks about the vocational aspect though. I know it's tempting to work for a higher hourly wage or to work with friends. But long-term it means so much more to have meaningful, relevant work experience. I feel like retail - especially non-grocer retail - really put me into a dead-end in life for a very long time where prospective employers didn't see marketable job skills, relevant work experience, and saw that 'part-time' part of my work history and did not want to employ me at full-time. In fact, a lot of them seemed to think I must want seasonal work. And it's hard to explain that in such a condensed timeframe.

A co-worker tried to come through my line and buy alcohol for another (underage) co-worker. (They were not being stealthy. They were literally shopping together right until check-out.)

To which I said, "I can't sell you alcohol because I know you're going to drink with someone underage."

So they went to go buy alcohol from another store.

It's funny because the underage coworker talks about their work ethic and professionalism, but if that were so, why would they risk two other co-workers' jobs for alcohol? Not to mention a possible $100,000 fine and up to six months' jail time.

Like I say to anyone else I don't sell alcohol to: "I don't know you well enough to do six months in the pokey for you."

Not my business, I guess. Unless it's me you're trying to get alcohol from. Then it's my business.

I was thinking about inviting Patrick out to hike again tomorrow - I could get up early enough to do so. But I'll try inviting him next week, because I believe I get out of work earlier and will have more time to sleep. But I want to try hiking with my camera equipment a bit so next time we go hiking I'm not slowing him down.

Next week my schedule officially changes at First Job. So there won't be any more conflicts with Full-Time job. But I'm struggling:

1. I have a lot of responsibilities at First Job. I'm trained in a cyclically very under-staffed department (and more specifically, I am sufficiently trained to manage it if the management cannot.) I'm not supposed to be scheduled there anymore, but I end up there a lot due to said understaffing. I'm also trained as a back-up bookkeeper, though I am currently not allowed to bookkeep except in extenuating circumstances because it's seen as a conflict of interest to book keep when you're on register.

Then on top of that, they've put me in charge of safety. Now, 'being in charge of safety' is supposed to mean that I hand the paperwork out to department heads and they do their work, I fill things out on the safety website, I print the minutes and lead the safety part of the meeting.

Instead it means "I do all the safety work." According to the assistant manager.

That's a futile job. One person can't make over a hundred people safe. They all have to be participating. It basically sounds like there is no safety culture, there's not gonna be a safety culture, so just do it.

I'm going to try to simplify it, organize it, make a system and try to bring in more people to participate. I made a system for transferring merchandise in Starbucks. I can make a system for people in the rest of the store that's simple and, hopefully, rewarding. Hopefully if I can do that, I can make the safety culture people are so resistant to and do less work. Ideally the program wouldn't exist anymore because everyone would be watching everyone else's backs.

2. I love the work at Full-Time job (I'm hoping to develop skills so maybe someday I can be involved more on the other side of things or feel more competent/confident during day work.) However, the rules are changing up from when I was hired.

This may be good. Maybe it will mean more work that is geared toward our professional development. I don't know yet because we don't have the new task list. The work we've been given to date is mostly custodial, but that it's less than half the picture if I understand correctly.

So it may be really good. I'm trying to remain positive and assume it won't all be custodial. I don't have a problem doing custodial work, if I feel the work will also lead to professional development. I told them I think we could probably clean the common/public areas each night and then focus on 2-4 additional rooms each night.

If it's all custodial, then that will be really great for a student just making their way, but probably not so much for me who has been hoping to get units, volunteer work, supervised and clinical hours.

But until I know, I'm just jumping to conclusions and guessing. It's really hard for me not to do that. Also, I feel like a lot of my ideas get shut down really quickly. Granted, not by supervisors, but by immediate co-workers I rub elbows with.

For instance, I threw out a suggestion that maybe we get more supplies so that the work can be divided among 3-4 staff in the morning instead of just being the burden of one staff, and someone told me if I suggested it, I would be in trouble for over-stepping.

I suggested making a checklist we sign off on tasks, so that 1. We knew more explicitly what was supposed to be done and 2. We'd know if it was done already and 3. Who had done it. I was told that was a bad idea and people would hate it.

I was also working (in conjunction to being told to do custodial work) a room check-off list. In the form a person would write the room that was being detail-cleaned, and check off things inspected. (Windows. Locks. Doors. Outlets. Etc.)

No one explicitly shot that down. But no one said anything positive about it. It was like I'd never suggested it at all. Which might be good, because it might mean I'm seriously overestimating how much of the work they want to give us is custodial versus career-centered. Maybe they were like, "What? This is all housework. Doesn't she know about all this administrative stuff she's supposed to be doing?"

Though I suppose it might also mean that they saw my suggestion of cleaning the common areas and then additionally cleaning 2-4 rooms a night and thought that wasn't enough. But until I hear a response and see an updated list, I'm just guessing with no real idea of what is coming my way. Which is pointless.

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Jul. 15th, 2017 10:09 pm
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well, at least my [community profile] pod_together—the one I didn't drop—has finally come together all the way? GOOD THING TOO as today is fic deadline :P

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Jul. 15th, 2017 12:52 pm
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Do you want to explain

Why you are handing me


(Script for stageplay)

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Jul. 15th, 2017 06:18 am
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We've had a couple of fairly full days, with another coming up. On Thursday we set off not long after 7:30 am to walk all the way over to daughter's place, about 9.8 km/6 miles. We'd walked almost half the distance several times, but always needed to come back to the motel because the car was here and we had to take groceries to daughter's later in the day. On Thursday we didn't have the car as that was the day daughter drove over to Oakland to take her exam, so it was the perfect day to walk the whole way. Much of the route was along a very pleasant shared path, and the final third of the route was through the Stanford campus, also very pleasant. We arrived at about 9:45 am.

S was on a mission to find a good icecream place and had discovered a place called Creamistry not too far away in the Palo Alto shopping area (also tourist area). It wasn't open until midday, so we had an earlyish lunch (we'd had breakfast at 6 at the motel so eating lunch early wasn't hard), then left about 11:45 to walk to the icecream shop. By this time it was pretty warm so we were glad that at least some of the walk was through partly shaded areas. Creamistry serves icecream made by the liquid nitrogen method, so it's extra smooth and creamy. Last year when we were here in March for William's birth we had discovered this type of icecream in a shop beside Wholefoods and were hoping to go back there this time, but they aren't there any more so we were happy to find another source.

We sat in the front of the shop savouring our icecream very slowly while watching the passing parade (lots of geeky looking types), then wandered further up through the main shopping area before walking back to daughter's apartment to while away the afternoon and do food prep until the family came home. Daughter seemed reasonably happy with her exam efforts but will have to wait four weeks for her results.

Yesterday we went into San Francisco to meet up with S's two cousins (brother and sister) who live in Oakland. We caught a Caltrain train to 4th & King St station and they picked us up outside and proceeded to give us an extensive guided tour to several places I had been wanting to see. First we stopped off at a place called Rainbow Grocery which is a large organic grocery store, then we drove through the Haight Ashbury area (along Haight St), the Castro, and past Golden Gate Park and the Panhandle, then around past a house a few blocks from Golden Gate Park where one of the cousins used to live, with a stop at a Chinese shop to buy some coconut tarts recommended by one of the cousins. (They were very good.)

We went to the ocean to have lunch, then drove back with a loop through the museum area of Golden Gate Park and over to the Golden Gate Bridge through the Presidio. It was quite foggy at the beach, but we passed through some clear sunny areas between Golden Gate Park and Golden Gate Bridge. However, the bridge itself was shrouded in heavy mist so we could barely see it. One of the cousins had told us about micro climates in San Francisco, and yesterday we saw them first hand. Apparently it was around 90F here yesterday, while at the beach and at Golden Gate Bridge it was about 65F and in the parts of the city where it wasn't foggy it was maybe 75F.

While we were admiring what we could see of the bridge we saw some whales surfacing under the bridge. Apparently they come up to the bridge, turn around there, and return to the ocean. There was also a seal moving around close to where we were standing.

By this time it was late in the afternoon, so the cousins drove us via Lombard St and Fisherman's Wharf back to the Caltrain station for our trip back to the motel. We stopped off at Wholefoods for a quick dinner and arrived back here around 7:45 pm. I felt very privileged to have been given such a comprehensive tour of parts of San Francisco I hadn't seen before but had known about for years.
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Shield under Phil Coulson’s direction feels like some creepy cult built to lure your ass in with vague implications of “doing good” and “looking after the world”, but in the end it’s just an organization run by a mighty whitey whedon red-shirt that demands absolute loyalty or threat of exploitation when you chose not to help them (basically, it’s just another facet of the US Government.)

I think that becomes much clearer when Daisy simply decides to trust them (because Coulson drugs the undercover Nazi guy with truth serum) and the narrative has her do it without further suspicion of their intentions in episode one, and makes it so that Mike Peterson’s mistrust of organization like SHIELD is wrong because they know better than him and he needs to be saved from himself, never-mind he had legit reasons not to trust them or Daisy (after that point), who put him in their crosshairs.

Then there’s the fact that whenever there’s an organization (like the one Jiaying set up) that isn’t affiliated with Shield (and doesn’t like them), the Whedon Klan does its best to find a way to demonize anyone who a): doesn’t want to work with shield, b): doesn’t trust shield’s intentions.

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The Strain - Guillemero Del Toro

Jul. 14th, 2017 10:02 pm
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My brother introduced me to The Strain, an FX show. I'm going to avoid binge-watching it. But what I found interesting about it is that it's actually a show we both love, which is an unusual phenomenon. It was created by Guillermo del Toro, which is probably why.

Guillermo del Toro really makes me think of Memo. I think that was one of his biggest role models. But I like it regardless. Just, it has that little extra bit.

Last week I finally bought eczema lotion for my hands. They're not fully back to normal, but they're distinctively less lizard-looking. I have to be really on top of it though. This weather really brings it out.

Tomorrow I'm going to try an Al-Anon group. I'm not really sure what will become of it. I mean, yes, I live with an alcoholic, drug addicted person with a mood and personality disorder (who is in a mutually codependent relationship with another drug addict.)

I live with a person trying to protect, control, and change said person who has become codependent (if he wasn't already. I think he's been that way for as long as I can remember.)

And I've realized this is messing me up.

I know I need to get out, but it's not as easy as 1-2-3. There's the lease (through March). That's my deadline for getting some entry vocational skills and unloading any previous debt. I don't need to be making enough money to live 100% on my own without roommates next year. I just need to be on a career track.

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Jul. 13th, 2017 07:25 am
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Yesterday, doing laundry for S's daughter, we had a very frustrating and annoying experience. The laundry requires you to use a credit card to pay; there's no cash option. S successfully paid for three loads of laundry with one of her cards, but when she went to pay for the same number of dryers, her card was declined after the first one. She tried her other card (we each have only two) and it was declined immediately. I went back to the apartment and got my cards; I successfully used one to pay for a second dryer, but it was declined when I came to the third. Luckily I was able to use my second card to pay for the third dryer, and also luckily, we didn't need to do any more laundry after that. However, we're puzzled about why this should have happened, as daughter says it's never happened to her. My first thought was that it might have been because S didn't notify her bank that she would be travelling in California, but she has been using the card all along to buy groceries with no problems and I *did* set a travel notice for my cards so why should one of mine have been declined?

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Jul. 13th, 2017 07:07 am
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As always, we discover again that it's a small world. Yesterday evening when we were coming back to the motel on the bus, an older man (around our age) had transferred from a train to our bus to get to his hotel and was asking people for some directions/help in knowing when to get off the bus. We recognised his accent as English and asked him if he was English. I told him I was Australian and he said oh, he'd lived in Australia for five years, in Perth, back in the 1970s, and in fact, his children were born there.

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Jul. 12th, 2017 05:24 pm
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In other news: Eden learnt to crawl today, and Violet discovered she can undress herself. Daughter's life will never be the same again.